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It's a Halo Thing It's a Halo Thing

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Really good but....

work on the sound cuz at times it was really loud (to the point that i had to turn my speakers down) and at times I could barely hear it (to the point where i had to turn my speakers up again), also you might want to add subtitles.

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Rocket Rescue Rocket Rescue

Rated 5 / 5 stars

My lvl

blah blah blah heres my lvl:

a26edb916cece720002f000c000000 00000
400f9016570d200020125005d001e0 00201
2d004a001e00020140003a001e0002 01560
07a001e0002004200a5001e0002014 3007b
001e0002009e00e7001e0002009a00 d4001
e000200d500d0001e000200d700e60 01e00
0200d000fb001e000200be0106001e 000200
a800ff001e000201c50077001e0002 01b1003
6001e000201a6005c001e000201a30 047001
e000201bb006b001e0002019200630 01e000
201900046001e00020194007f001e0 002018a
002e001e0002012e0075001e000200 f100590
01e000200f40071001e000200f5008 b001e00
0200e20099001e000200ca009a001e 000200
b7008b001e000200b30077001e0002 00b0006
3001e000200610077001e000200540 078001e
0002007d004a001e00020069004c00 1e000
20052004e001e0002003f0090001e0 002003f007d0
01e0002003f0068001e0002003e004 f001e000302
2b016aa4f200030240015e243e0003 021e01830
5ad0003020b01ad47d50003026f015 3e3860001
027e01c20096004d00790020004e00 6500770020
004c006500760065006ce6caed084f 313f0c

Just in case you get stuck try
angle: 77.7
power: 30.6